Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Did you miss the Sale last weekend? ... this will catch you up to speed ...

Another perfect Barn Market weekend ... well, perfect in every way except {again!} Mother Nature ... looks like if there is going to be a Gypsy Barn Market, there is also going to be rain ... doesn't seem to hamper anyone's spirits or desire to shop, here are some snap shots of this past weekend's fun ....
We were so pleased to see our friend Kecia .... she brought with her close friend, Jane, {actually, Jane arrived first, introduced herself, while poor Kecia was struggling with her GPS and showed up only a few moments behind Jane} What fun these two are, can't you just see it in their eyes? Can't wait to hang out with you girls some more ... I feel good times comin' on ; )
Thank you for making the trip down to see us!!
Two more sweet girls with attitude .... Trish and Maureen ... repeat Barn Market offenders from Philadelphia ... it's a pleasure to see your smiling faces each month!! Trish even drug her hubby {with pick up truck} back on Sunday in the pouring rain to "shrink wrap" her purchase and drive it home ... now that's what I call a man in love .... {ANY men listening OUT THERE?}
Soaps are always in demand ... yummy in every way!
If you can't make the market, you can pick up a few here ... sorry you can't smell them over the web, but I can tell you they are ALL delicious!

 Ruffled and tattered gypsy scarves were a hit this month ... I'm working on a new batch this week ... they will soon be listed here.
I've saved one of our favorite moments for last ... check out this little guy ... all decked out in his Sunday best ... tan linen pants, white shirt, and leather shoes .... not a spot, speckle, or smudge on him ... but a very, VERY tempting rain puddle just begging to be explored ... can you only imagine what is running thru his head right now??
YEP ... He did it! Way to go little guy !! What fun! Where's Mom, you ask? In the barn shopping, having her own field day ... was she upset? Absolutely NOT ... the lengths we Mother's will go to just to have a moment of peaceful shopping ... this guy was quite happy for a long time in his puddle of joy!

I didn't get a picture of shoppers extraordinaire, Bridget from Long Island, NY ... or Michelle from Trenton ... too busy loading up trucks with goodies to take pictures ... I'll get you next time girls!

Next month's barn sale is right around the corner...
Saturday, June 12th 9a-3p
Sunday, June 14th 10a-2p
Need a gypsy fix in between shows?? You're in luck ... this Saturday, May 29th you can find us at The Collingswood May Fair ....a fabulous festival for the whole family! 
For more information follow this link
If you make it to Collingswood, please stop by, say hello and introduce yourself ... we look forward to meeting YOU!!

ps. Note to Mother Nature: Cut us a break next month okay? ... we love you .... but could you send the rain, say on Monday or something??

See you back at the barn

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away!

What is it about rain and Sundays? Well, no time to ponder that because we said we'd do it rain or shine and gosh by golly that's what we're gonna do.

For you die-hard gypsy marketeers we'll be there for you!
We'll be setting up at 10 and hanging as long as we can.
So grab your wellies and stop by!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Gypsy Barn Market ... This weekend ... May 22nd and 23rd !!

We hope you can make it out to the barn market this up coming weekend ... we would love to see you there! The barn has been replenished with fresh finds and creations, here are a few pics of what we have in store for you and to get your taste buds salivating ...

A complete set (love seat, two chairs) of vintage stick furniture with original pink paint, a knock out addition to your cottage style porch!


Beautifully slip covered wrought iron dining set in a fresh black and white fabric ... again, a complete set available ... glass top table and four chairs with new slip covers ... the epitome of modern vintage style ...


..and how about a little romantic style for yourself? ... handmade, soft cotton ruffled summer scarves will update any tee this season ... hurry, limited quantity 


 Burlap, burlap, and more burlap ... add a quick infusion of French Country into your decor with a burlap grain sack pillow or a French end table accented with a burlap covered door ... ooh-la-la ...

...or maybe you're dreaming of summer days by the sea already? Check out the new embellished art bottles ... perfect little seaside treasures.


And of course we have our staples ... stacks of linens, piles of soaps, loads of jewelry, vintage treasures galore, and fresh flower arrangements .... we can't show you ALL of the goodies ... there wouldn't be any surprises for you to come out and discover for yourself!!

Gypsy Barn Market
606 Main Street
{located BEHIND the New Leaf Tea Room}
Riverton, NJ 08077

Saturday, May 22nd 9a-3p
Sunday,May 23rd 10a-2p
Rain or shine

See ya back at the barn!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Next Barn Market ...

Hold onto your purses ladies ... the next Gypsy Barn Market 
is right around the corner !!

Mark your calendars for:
Saturday, May 22nd 9a-3p
Sunday, May 23rd 10a-2p

Photos of new items for this month's upcoming market will be posted soon.

Grab your purses and girlfriends ... and leave your husbands behind!
See ya back at the barn ...