Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Almost famous .... in South Jersey

Here's a bit of Gypsy Barn Market news we've just been dying to tell you...

We found out last month from Marianne Aleardi, the editor of SJ magazine, that our lil'ol' gypsy barn market had been chosen for ....

South Jersey !!
What can we say?... other than how honored and surprised and pleased-as-punch we are??!!

So what do Gypsies do when they are feeling almost famous?
Throw a party and thank their faithful supporters, that'd be YOU!!

We are working on the details of the celebration and will post them here asap! 
We will also be sending out special coupons to all customers on our mailing list... so, make sure you sign up to get the rewards you deserve!

... until then ...
Have you heard about these REALLY famous gypsies?
The Junk Gypsies have scored their own reality TV show!!
Congratulations and way to go girls!

Almost famous in South Jersey to a national reality TV show? It could happen, right? ... a gypsy can dream big, can't she??
just throwing it out there into the universe *wink-wink*

Stay tuned for all the details
See you back at the barn