Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another hot one ...

This past month's barn markets have kicked our gypsy butts! Two weekends in a row, plus another off site show thrown in, a party, and sweltering heat and humidity makes for two exhausted gypsy gals !!

What makes it all worth it? 
The extreme fun in shopping for and creating new vignettes ... Hanging out with the most awesome customers ... YOU!! ... this is one thing we are most surprised about our new barn adventure ... making new friends that come to visit us EACH month ... talk about feeling special!
I managed to catch one of the many laughs we had on film ... a couple of gals barn shopping in a mini cooper ... and buying furniture ... and trying to make it fit ... the one cutie is Gina from "Vintage junk in my trunk", Gina, seriously? ... girlfriend, you're gonna need a bigger trunk !! 
But we still love ya just the same!
They did it! ... and those smiles tell the whole story ... girlfriends having fun!

So, what's next? The next barn market is Saturday, August 21st, 9-3 ... yup, only one market day in August and it will be our summer clearance sale ... mark your calendars ladies you'll not want to miss shopping the upcoming sales.

In the mean time we are taking some time off from the barn to enjoy our families and summer ...
We'll also be planning our fall markets and shopping, of course!

See ya back at the barn {in August!}