Thursday, February 23, 2012

Woo Hoo!

Woo Hoo!
The new season of market day dates has been released!
Here's where you can find us this Spring!
New and exciting items and displays for your gypsy pleasure........
but we can't tell you'll have to come and see for yourself

Spring Market Days
March 9, Friday 9a-1p
March 10, Saturday 9a-3p
March 11, Sunday 10a-2p

April 20, Friday 9a-1p
April 21, Saturday 9a-3p
April 22, Sunday 10a-2p

May 18, Friday 9a-1p
May 19, Saturday 9am-3pm
May 20, Sunday 10a-2p

June 8, Friday 9a-1p
June 9, Saturday 9a-3p
June 10, Sunday 10a-2p

If you can't make it to NJ you can visit us at the 
Clover Market in Ardmore Pa
we'll be selling our wares at all three shows this spring.
April 15, Sunday
May 6, Sunday
June 3, Sunday

Summer Market Days
July 5, Thursday
July 6, Friday
July 7, Saturday

August 2, Thursday
August 3, Friday
Augst 4, Saturday

September 7, Friday
September 8, Saturday
Septemeber 9, Sunday

and coming in October the Gypsy Ball.....