Friday, November 26, 2010

Gypsy Black Friday Virtual SALE ...

If you're like like us you're avoiding the madness today and relaxing at home ... hopefully sans cigarette!
But don't you feel like you may be missing something?? ... some great deal some other gypsy gal is snatching up right out from under neath of you?
Well ... not to worry ... these gypsy girls are having a virtual Black Friday Sale just for you !!
No need to leave that easy chair or stand in a long line ... just scoot on over to your desktop and stop by our blogs to get all the details ...

Shop Jill's online specials HERE
Shop Beth's online specials HERE

Happy shopping girls!
Beth & Jill

Friday, November 19, 2010

Barn Market THIS weekend !!

We're ready ... are you??
Tomorrow will kick off our Holiday Barn Market shopping!!
Saturday, November 20th 9~3
Sunday, November 21st 10~2

606 Main St.
Riverton NJ 08065

See ya back at the barn!
Beth & Jill

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gettin' ready ............

 Hello all you Barn Market fans! ... we've  been as busy as Santa's elves getting ready for November's market .... sooooooooo busy in fact we never posted last month's special shoppers that came out to say "hello" !! Bad, bad, gypsy gals .... hee-hee .... well, here you go, our little ol' shoppers wall of fame !!

We were honored to share a birthday girls getaway weekend with these two pretties, Melissa and Jean ...
They stayed in a local B&B ... shopped the market {trust me, they SHOPPED the market!} ... and had a wonderful dinner in town ... that's the way to do it!! We hope to see you back before next year's celebration ; )
 Faithful customers ... can you spy our elusive landlady? ... how about our MOST loyal customer .... hint: she has NOT missed a barn market yet!!
We even had old friends stop by for fun and frolic!
... and more Barn addicts ... clothes, jewelry,shoes and one lady smart enough to bring her handsome hubby to pay for it all!!

Okay girlies .... back to work ... Santa is a bit of a slave driver hard worker and this little gypsy elf has more magic dust to spread about the rafters .... see ya back at the barn!

Beth & Jill

Friday, November 5, 2010

No Excuses ... we're giving you MORE time !!

 We will accept NO excuses for not seeing you at the next Gypsy Barn Market ... none! 
Why? Because we've given you even more time to plan your visit ... a whole week more!

The barn market that was planned for this coming weekend of the 13th and the 14th has been postponed until the following weekend ...
NOVEMBER 20th & 21st
Don't let anything stop you or come between you and the barn market ....
 NO flat tires
No law enforcement agents ....
 NO husbands or significant others ... {this includes your mother-in-law}
Take advantage of an extra week to gather your posse of BFFs ... load 'em up in your SUV and hit the Gypsy Barn Market on:
Saturday, November 20th 9~3
Sunday, November 21st 10~2

606 Main St.
Riverton NJ 08065

See ya back at the barn!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

We'll be hanging on the porch Monday night at the
Riverton Porch Club Shopping Spree
stop by for a visit........
Monday October 25th 6-9pm
food and drinks

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Barn Market ... this weekend ... October 16th & 17th

Howdy Y'all.....we're back from our road trip to Texas and boy oh boy have we got goodies and surprises for you!

This Saturday October 16th 9-3
we'll be featuring
card readings and
free Reiki
{Saturday only}

Sunday October 17th 10-2
come and shop our fresh vintage treasures
new Gypsy jewelry designs, wearable art creations, handmade holiday decorations and chic furnishings...sure to unleash your gypsy soul!

So, "scoot a boot"
over to the barn this weekend and see what we've got for ya......

606 Main St.
Riverton NJ 08065

See ya back at the barn!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September ....

Thank you for hitting the Gypsy Barn Market in September !!
Below is our little shopper's wall of fame ....

We are headed to Texas next week to shop for gypsy treasure ... wait till y'all see October's market !!

See ya back at the barn,

Friday, September 10, 2010

Last one there is a rotten egg .....

Grab a fast set of wheels and speed on over to the
Gypsy Barn Market ... this weekend only.

This month's market will be held
Saturday, September 11th
9a ~ 3p
Sunday, September 12th
10a ~ 2p
located behind the New Leaf Tea Room at
606 Main Street
Riverton, NJ 08077

please leave a message

Is traveling with your girlfriends more your style?
We LOVE gypsy gals shopping together and have created something special for those like you!
"The Gypsy Caravan Club"
If you are a group of FIVE {5} or more gal pals coming to the Gypsy Barn Market together, drop us a note a day before heading out and we'll put together a little something special just for you to make your shopping trip even more special.
What to know more?
send us an e-mail to:

So be cool {not the rotten egg} and make your way to the Gypsy Barn Market
Where NEW treasures await you.

Fall is the perfect time to freshen up your decor ... a refreshing change of season inside and out !!
see you back at the barn!

Monday, August 23, 2010

What Fun We Had !! ....

Thanks to all of the gypsy shoppers who came out on Saturday to the Barn Market ... it's ALWAYS a pleasure to meet new gals {like the two beauty queens below!} ... and hang out with the "regulars" ...
And when you visit us "Caravan Style" {meaning ... bringing ALL your best gypsy gal pals!} Well, that just makes our hearts sing ... and inspire us to start the 
Gypsy Barn "Caravan Club" coming this Fall ... we'll fill you in on those details later ... you're gonna like LOVE it!
As always we had the best time visiting, playing, goofin' around ... PA Jill {aka Jill D.} was 
with us this past weekend ... always spices things up a bit !!

Beth even had the cutest guys throwing tens at her ... isn't that taking the term "Cougar" to the extreme?! Can you blame her ... he's a sweetie!!

Even the gypsy dudes showed up ...  to load up !!
{the three on the right ... not the two sweet gypsy gals on the left, duh}

We thank you ALL very much for making the first season of the Barn Market a HUGE success and we are anxiously looking forward to sharing with you all the new fabulous finds for the fall season, below you can find the latest upcoming Market Days ...

See ya back at the barn ...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gypsy Barn Market ... this Saturday ONLY ... 20% off and more ....

The sale you and your girlfriends
don't want to miss!

One Day ONLY
Saturday August 21st

For one day only as we say goodbye to Summer and make room for Fall...our entire stock has been reduced by 20% or more.

So,come and discover something ....or maybe pick up that piece you've had your eye on?

See ya back at the barn ...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another hot one ...

This past month's barn markets have kicked our gypsy butts! Two weekends in a row, plus another off site show thrown in, a party, and sweltering heat and humidity makes for two exhausted gypsy gals !!

What makes it all worth it? 
The extreme fun in shopping for and creating new vignettes ... Hanging out with the most awesome customers ... YOU!! ... this is one thing we are most surprised about our new barn adventure ... making new friends that come to visit us EACH month ... talk about feeling special!
I managed to catch one of the many laughs we had on film ... a couple of gals barn shopping in a mini cooper ... and buying furniture ... and trying to make it fit ... the one cutie is Gina from "Vintage junk in my trunk", Gina, seriously? ... girlfriend, you're gonna need a bigger trunk !! 
But we still love ya just the same!
They did it! ... and those smiles tell the whole story ... girlfriends having fun!

So, what's next? The next barn market is Saturday, August 21st, 9-3 ... yup, only one market day in August and it will be our summer clearance sale ... mark your calendars ladies you'll not want to miss shopping the upcoming sales.

In the mean time we are taking some time off from the barn to enjoy our families and summer ...
We'll also be planning our fall markets and shopping, of course!

See ya back at the barn {in August!}

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 16th 5pm-9pm

July 17th 9am-3pm

We're hosting a most magical party in appreciation of all of you, our amazing and loyal customers

The festivities begin Friday evening:

Special Gypsy surprises for the first 20 customers

plus a grand giveaway awaits one lucky visitor

Gypsy treats and libations

Our faithful tellers of fortunes will be
here, as well, to peer into your future....
Our next door neighbor Bendzius Art Studio and Gallery will be open as well housing original contemporary abstract art paintings by local, abstract painter and mixed media artist Terry Bendzius.

As an added treat we will be celebrating our feature in SJ Magazine as the "best kept shopping secret in South Jersey" by offering you a discount on any item of your choice.

Just sign up for the latest upates over in the left hand column and you will receive your coupon via e-mail.

Coupon good through Saturday when we'll  be continuing our celebration with treats for the first 20 customers....sales and gypsy revelry!

See you at the barn

Beth and Jill

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rain, rain, go away .... please don't come back another day

We've been debating over which we prefer ... rainy and humid or sun drenched and hot barn market days ... it's a toss up ... either way,we end up soaking wet.
Here's some of the fun from 
last week's Gypsy Barn Market ...
Quit cryin' Beth ... let's sit and stuff ourselves with 
fresh scones from the tearoom ...
pass the devonshire cream, please ...
Better wipe the crumbs off our faces ... customers are pulling up and popping up the umbrellas ...
Kinda looks like the cia showing up? 
I blurred their license plates ... just in case these ladies really did want to be inconspicuous ...

Umbrella after umbrella showed up ... how sweet macho is the guy holding the leopard 
print brelly for his darling friend?

Some guys even wore there special amphibious rain shoes to make their way to the barn ...
do these look comfy to you?
Hmmmmmmmmm ...

Shoppers shopping fast to let the umbrella holders in-line at the door a chance to get in ...

What do you do when life hands you lemons? ... or Mother Nature hands you rain?
Drinks anyone?
That's really Beth catching the rainwater on the outside tent, that's about to collapse!

What's Jill doing? ... sitting under the tent minding the register ... what?! ... someone has to do that job, too!

Have you signed up for our mailing list yet?
What are you waiting for?
Announcements and coupons for this upcoming Friday night's celebration are coming out in the next day or so ... only to gypsies traveling on the caravan.

See you back at the barn!
{another sale THIS weekend, July 16th and 17th}

Thursday, July 8, 2010

What's better than beating the summer heat with a little vintage retail therapy?
Only shopping during twilight hours at the Barn Market of course!
We're swinging open the doors tomorrow evening (Friday)from 5-9pm for a twilight shopping spree.
Then we'll do it again Saturday from 9-3pm
hope you can make it!

See you at the Barn!

Friday July 9th from 5-9pm
Saturday July 10th 9am-3pm

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Almost famous .... in South Jersey

Here's a bit of Gypsy Barn Market news we've just been dying to tell you...

We found out last month from Marianne Aleardi, the editor of SJ magazine, that our lil'ol' gypsy barn market had been chosen for ....

South Jersey !!
What can we say?... other than how honored and surprised and pleased-as-punch we are??!!

So what do Gypsies do when they are feeling almost famous?
Throw a party and thank their faithful supporters, that'd be YOU!!

We are working on the details of the celebration and will post them here asap! 
We will also be sending out special coupons to all customers on our mailing list... so, make sure you sign up to get the rewards you deserve!

... until then ...
Have you heard about these REALLY famous gypsies?
The Junk Gypsies have scored their own reality TV show!!
Congratulations and way to go girls!

Almost famous in South Jersey to a national reality TV show? It could happen, right? ... a gypsy can dream big, can't she??
just throwing it out there into the universe *wink-wink*

Stay tuned for all the details
See you back at the barn