Monday, August 23, 2010

What Fun We Had !! ....

Thanks to all of the gypsy shoppers who came out on Saturday to the Barn Market ... it's ALWAYS a pleasure to meet new gals {like the two beauty queens below!} ... and hang out with the "regulars" ...
And when you visit us "Caravan Style" {meaning ... bringing ALL your best gypsy gal pals!} Well, that just makes our hearts sing ... and inspire us to start the 
Gypsy Barn "Caravan Club" coming this Fall ... we'll fill you in on those details later ... you're gonna like LOVE it!
As always we had the best time visiting, playing, goofin' around ... PA Jill {aka Jill D.} was 
with us this past weekend ... always spices things up a bit !!

Beth even had the cutest guys throwing tens at her ... isn't that taking the term "Cougar" to the extreme?! Can you blame her ... he's a sweetie!!

Even the gypsy dudes showed up ...  to load up !!
{the three on the right ... not the two sweet gypsy gals on the left, duh}

We thank you ALL very much for making the first season of the Barn Market a HUGE success and we are anxiously looking forward to sharing with you all the new fabulous finds for the fall season, below you can find the latest upcoming Market Days ...

See ya back at the barn ...

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  1. Looks like one big "junkin" party.....gypsy style!!! Cathy aka Girls Gone Junkin