Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Almost famous .... in South Jersey

Here's a bit of Gypsy Barn Market news we've just been dying to tell you...

We found out last month from Marianne Aleardi, the editor of SJ magazine, that our lil'ol' gypsy barn market had been chosen for ....

South Jersey !!
What can we say?... other than how honored and surprised and pleased-as-punch we are??!!

So what do Gypsies do when they are feeling almost famous?
Throw a party and thank their faithful supporters, that'd be YOU!!

We are working on the details of the celebration and will post them here asap! 
We will also be sending out special coupons to all customers on our mailing list... so, make sure you sign up to get the rewards you deserve!

... until then ...
Have you heard about these REALLY famous gypsies?
The Junk Gypsies have scored their own reality TV show!!
Congratulations and way to go girls!

Almost famous in South Jersey to a national reality TV show? It could happen, right? ... a gypsy can dream big, can't she??
just throwing it out there into the universe *wink-wink*

Stay tuned for all the details
See you back at the barn


  1. WAY TO GO GIRLS!!!! How incredible, you guys deserve it!!

  2. Totally awesome, Beth! You gals so deserve it!

  3. Ladies! Congratulations. Love the photos. Y'all have hit the big time now!!~ Angela

  4. Hi Jill, that is great! And to think, I own an ORIGINAL Gypsy prairie belt buckle! xoxo Julie Marie

  5. Where is SJ are you? Anywhere near the beach?

  6. How Awesome...congratulations.

  7. That is awesome!! Congrats! Can't wait to hear all the details for the shindig!

  8. hey gypsy BARN GiRls. . . THANKS FOR the support!!!! AND GOOD luck to yall!!! mUCh love from TEXAS!!!!
    the junk gypsies
    amie, janie and jolie sikes

  9. Congrats! I'm hoping at some point to finally get down and check the barn and all its goodies out!

  10. I wish I knew you were in South Jersey...I would have been there...darn it...if you ever decide to come to Delaware call me at 302-750-9597 maybe you can do a show on fixing my shed that is full of goodies but too packd to go into...that would make a nice make over...my darling husband built it for me because my craft room was becoming stuffed at the seams but he has decided that anything shed bound now goes into my shed. It has got to the point I know I have really cool junk in there but cannot find it..thanks to how generous he is in using the space..a weedwhackerdoes count as creative material...remember call if you are ever in New Castle, De...I need help..Have blessed day...Becky

  11. Are you all located in South Jersey for now...where, where, where...I need to find you...or are you just there for a show you are filiming...thanks, Becky

  12. Diana p., where is it located..do you know. I would love to go down there. Thanks, Becky

  13. Hey Becky....we're located at 600 Main st. Riverton NJ 08065..we'll open tomorrow(11/18 10-2) too! Hope you can make would love to meet you :)