Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gettin' ready ............

 Hello all you Barn Market fans! ... we've  been as busy as Santa's elves getting ready for November's market .... sooooooooo busy in fact we never posted last month's special shoppers that came out to say "hello" !! Bad, bad, gypsy gals .... hee-hee .... well, here you go, our little ol' shoppers wall of fame !!

We were honored to share a birthday girls getaway weekend with these two pretties, Melissa and Jean ...
They stayed in a local B&B ... shopped the market {trust me, they SHOPPED the market!} ... and had a wonderful dinner in town ... that's the way to do it!! We hope to see you back before next year's celebration ; )
 Faithful customers ... can you spy our elusive landlady? ... how about our MOST loyal customer .... hint: she has NOT missed a barn market yet!!
We even had old friends stop by for fun and frolic!
... and more Barn addicts ... clothes, jewelry,shoes and one lady smart enough to bring her handsome hubby to pay for it all!!

Okay girlies .... back to work ... Santa is a bit of a slave driver hard worker and this little gypsy elf has more magic dust to spread about the rafters .... see ya back at the barn!

Beth & Jill


  1. Cute post and looks like a great, junkin time was had by all!!
    HAPPY JUNKIN...Cathy aka GGJ

  2. I'm hoping to make the trip from Indiana one day~ always looks like soooo much fun :) Best~ Carrie @ Hot House Market