Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rain, rain, go away .... please don't come back another day

We've been debating over which we prefer ... rainy and humid or sun drenched and hot barn market days ... it's a toss up ... either way,we end up soaking wet.
Here's some of the fun from 
last week's Gypsy Barn Market ...
Quit cryin' Beth ... let's sit and stuff ourselves with 
fresh scones from the tearoom ...
pass the devonshire cream, please ...
Better wipe the crumbs off our faces ... customers are pulling up and popping up the umbrellas ...
Kinda looks like the cia showing up? 
I blurred their license plates ... just in case these ladies really did want to be inconspicuous ...

Umbrella after umbrella showed up ... how sweet macho is the guy holding the leopard 
print brelly for his darling friend?

Some guys even wore there special amphibious rain shoes to make their way to the barn ...
do these look comfy to you?
Hmmmmmmmmm ...

Shoppers shopping fast to let the umbrella holders in-line at the door a chance to get in ...

What do you do when life hands you lemons? ... or Mother Nature hands you rain?
Drinks anyone?
That's really Beth catching the rainwater on the outside tent, that's about to collapse!

What's Jill doing? ... sitting under the tent minding the register ... what?! ... someone has to do that job, too!

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Announcements and coupons for this upcoming Friday night's celebration are coming out in the next day or so ... only to gypsies traveling on the caravan.

See you back at the barn!
{another sale THIS weekend, July 16th and 17th}


  1. why of course you woul love your Gypsy Barn, and I do not blame you. Love it all too.
    So glad you want to ne BARN CHICKS- adding you right now.


  2. Hi. Will you be open anytime in September? We are planning a trip to your state. thanks.
    ~ Julie

  3. Hello and yes ... we will be open in September, at the moment the date is tentatively set for the 11th ... however that may change, we will post fall dates very soon.

    Hope you get the chance to stop by ... we would love to meet you!


  4. Hey Ladies!

    Thanks for including me in the annoucement! Very sweet! Its going to be a wonderful night! xoxo

    Terry Bendzius