Sunday, June 13, 2010

I really don't want to say this out loud but I will.....looks like it's going to be a
Sunday with NO RAIN! yipppeeee! We'll be at the "Barn today from 10-2 (without our rain boots on)
Here's a few shots of what we have in store for today.....

Stop by if you're in the area.....
606 Main St.
Riverton NJ 08077


  1. Looks fabulous! Have a great day!
    Sure would be there if I could.

  2. Would love to come and play house in your goodies. Takes me back to when i was a child in the attic at my friends house. Sheila

  3. I had my first experience at The Gypsy Barn on Saturday! I loved it! I bought a lovely bureau but I couldn"t get it home since my car wouldn't allow it. So I'll be back on Sunday to pick it up. YAY! I'm sure I'll purchase someting else. Beth, you were a sweetheart. I thank you. See you in a few hours! Kate

  4. Everything looks fabulous! I so wish I lived closer, have a wonderfully successful sale! Theresa

  5. WOW! HOLY COW!! This looks AWESOME! I want to get to you guys so dang bad! It looks like a total blast with PRIMO stuff. You sure know what you're doin!!
    I'm followin for sure!